An Ash Wednesday Reflection

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is a tradition that we low church Baptists have tended to ignore, but regardless of whether we attend a formal Ash Wednesday service or not, there is great wisdom and truth in what this day represents to the greater Christian family...

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Let's Try This Again.

Back in early December, I made a personal commitment to read through the Bible over the next year. I am fortunate to have a powerful Bible study software program on my computer, and one of the features it provides is the ability to create your own Bible reading plan. It will even track your progress electronically so you can always know where you stand in relation to your goal. How’s it going?

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As I write these words, it's the day after Christmas. After weeks of constant activity, there is finally a moment of calm and quiet to sit and reflect on all that has happened. That’s one of the things I appreciate about Christmas; it serves as a marker in time that forces me to look back at the year that has passed. 

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