Building Use Request Form

this form should be filled out by all person(s) or organization(s) making requests. it must be approved before the building is used by any group or organizations. form must be returned (or someone must reply to you) before being finalized on our church calendar. CLICK HERE FOR OUR VEHICLE REQUEST FORM.

Name of Person Making Request *
Name of Person Making Request
Is sound required for this function? *
Should you need AV or technical assistance, John Overstreet will contact you to discuss setup (and fees, if neccessary).
Are food services required? *
If so, Chef Wayne Price will contact you to discuss fees & menu options.
Persons or groups using the building agree to take responsible care of the property. If any damage to church property is incurred, the group using the facilities will be responsible for repair or replacement of the item(s).
Persons or groups using the building shall assume all risks in connection with the activity to be conducted and shall be solely responsible for all accidents or injuries of any nature or kind to persons or property caused by its use of the premises. I/We further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bonsack from any and all claims, actions or liability for personal injuries or other damages to any person, including injuries resulting in the death of any person which injury or death is occasioned by or in connection with the use of the premises. I/We further assume full responsibility for the character, acts and conduct of all persons admitted to or using the facilities by the consent of Bonsack Baptist Church.
By submitting this form, I have read and understand the guidelines for use of this building. I will be responsible to see that my group abides by these guidelines, and that we leave the church clean and orderly.

  • If a special set-up is required for this event, and you are being charged a room rental fee, please send a diagram of your desired set-up to If no diagram is included, it is assumed no special set up is required and therefore will not be done.

  • If you would prefer to complete this form in Microsoft Word, CLICK HERE.

  • If this is a church-wide event and you would like it to be publicized to the church, please contact Celia Jones at (540) 977-5701 or