Called to Know, Grow & Go

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As we prepare to close out this year and enter into a new one, there are a couple of visible changes that you can anticipate.  Neither one by itself represents a major overhaul, but taken together they are part of our larger effort to begin implementing the priorities of our new strategic plan.  One change will have to do with the format and frequency of our newsletter.  I will say more about that later as those changes come into being.  For now, I call your attention to our new logo, which you have already begun to see in some places.  Each element of the logo has been carefully developed to communicate something about our identity and our priorities.  The most obvious element is the letter B, which reflects our commitment to this community called Bonsack.  While we believe that our influence can spread far beyond this immediate area, we also believe that God has placed us here at this particular time and in the particular place, and we need to deploy our resources towards meeting the spiritual needs of this community.  When Jesus calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves, he is not calling to love the abstract idea of a neighbor; he is calling us to love the actual flesh and blood neighbors who actually live in our neighborhood.  Bonsack is where our ministry needs to begin.           

Next, you will notice an array of colors within the B.  Each color has a specific meaning and purpose.  On the left-hand side you will see a burgundy color.  As you walk through our building you will notice that burgundy is a common theme; it is part of our traditional décor.  The use of burgundy in the logo reflects our commitment to our unchanging mission statement, which is Sharing Christ, Building Believers.  No matter what new programs we launch or initiatives we pursue, this will always be our guiding purpose.  Moving counter-clockwise in the logo, you will see the color orange. Orange is a vibrant color that signifies energy.  This reflects our first initiative, which is “Know.” We want to build vibrant and active relationships with our neighbor, both inside and outside the church.  One more counter-clockwise step and you will see the color green.  This reflects our second initiative, which is “Grow.” Just as green signifies growth, we seek to grow in our love for God and for our neighbor.  Finally, you see the color blue.  Blue is the color of the sea and the sky, which signifies our third initiative, which is to “Go.” We believe God is calling us to move out from beyond our familiar routines to build new partnerships and find new ways to serve and share.        

The one remaining element of the logo is the most important.  In the center of the B, holding all these colors and priorities together, is a cross.  If you strip away the cross, some of these initiatives we have identified could potentially be met in places other than a church.  After all, church is not the only place where people look to build relationships or find opportunities to serve.  The church, however, is the only place where the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed.  That is why we must always keep the crucified savior at the center of everything we do.  As the Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth, “For I resolved to nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. (1 Cor. 2:2)”. The cross at the center of the logo is meant to reflect our desire to keep Jesus at the center of our lives.           

Why does any of this matter?  After all, it’s just a logo – just some colors and symbols on a piece of paper.  The logo cannot do the work of ministry for us; that is up to us.  My prayer, however, is that as this logo becomes more common place throughout our church, it will serve as a constant reminder of what we are seeking to do and who we are seeking to become.  We have been called to Know, Grow, and Go.  Let’s enter the new year committed to doing just that!

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